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Within a month...

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In less than 23 days, Quaker Meadow Christian Camp will be erupting with workers, busily moving to ready camp for the 2019 season to open! This marks the 80th year for Quaker Meadow Christian Camp to be serving campers for God's glory!! Many have said that they will give a weekend to come and de-winterize camp. Shutters taken down, buildings cleaned, construction and remodeling projects and more! Last year was my first season to view a group of people from all different walks of life and faith, joining together and working for God's glory! Maybe you haven't heard yet, but of the 2100+ people who came last year, 480 of them made decisions to receive Christ, recommit their lives to Christ or give their lives to serve in ministry. This reminds me that whether you become summer staff, come to work on the Memorial Day work crew, financially support the ministry or become a prayer partner, EVERY SINGLE PERSON INVOLVED, plays a part in this kingdom work!!! So, thank you for the crew who came in 2018 setting up camp and thank you in advance for those who want to join in this ministry for 2019 and see God's work unfold this year.

Are you interested in helping this Memorial Day weekend, May 24-27th? Let us know at info@quakermeadow.org for times that you would like to participate. We can house and feed you! Everything from cleaning windows to erecting stairs to possibly reroofing a couple of buildings... everyone could play a part in this kingdom work. May His kingdom come and His will be done! And may He find us faithful!

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