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Helping Each Other Succeed!

"Two people are better off than one..." is how the writer of Ecclesiastes states success. If one falls, the other can help him out. Behind many of the "great individuals" we read about or watch come to some great accomplishment in life, can be found a team of others that have also rallied. John Maxwell wrote: "Individuals play the game, but teams win championships." A championship on earth can be exciting, but an eternal victory is even a better kind of celebration! Even Jesus had chosen the 12 to come alongside Him as He walked the earth. It is the aspect of discipleship. It takes more than one to accomplish this task that Jesus commissioned us with... As you go, make disciples! You cannot make disciples with one! It involves the many.
At Quaker Meadow Christian Camp, we are interviewing for the 2019 summer season. We will hire a team of people to play a part in a bigger story than their own. Since 1939, this camp has been meeting on the mountain, not just as individuals, but groups, calling out to God to meet them there. We will have a staff creating an environment to assist others to meet with Jesus and nurture their relationship with Him. This is what our team will be about. Our success is for this eternal purpose. We want to continue to uphold the significant value of this Kingdom-minded success of teamwork! Interested in being on this kind to team? Apply now at apply.quakermeadow.org. Have you been touched by the camp before? Pray with us for God to call a team up to His mountain! Contact us if you are interested in volunteering Memorial Day Weekend for set up and prayer! Teams can simply do more than an individual. Hop in. Take the drive. Be a part of an eternal team! Comment below if you are interested!

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