Quaker Meadow Christian Camp
California Camping near to God


Where do you see yourself?


We all are living out some sort of mission. That mission may be well-written or not even thought about, but our actions display the mission we live on.

At Quaker Meadow Christian Camp we have a mission that states, "Quaker Meadow Christian Ministries exists to provide an environment for youth and adults to come into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and to nurture a lifelong commitment of knowing and serving Him." This is the reason that, for 80 years now, people keep coming up that mountain to meet with Jesus!

Several people have commented on the idea that as people are on a mission, there are 3 different categories they would fall into. There are the Senders, the Goers and the Stayers. The Senders send others out to get to the destination. It may be through prayer or finances or encouragement, but they are influencial on getting others on the right direction. The Goers are the actual ones that go up to, in this case, the camp. Last year we had about 486 of these goers make decisions for Christ either for the first time or a re-commitment of some kind. The Stayers, in our case, would be a staff member. Someone who is willing to stay and work and minister to the Goers as they visit Quaker Meadow.

Maybe you have been at camp before, but where do you see yourself today? Are you a sender? Consider a donation or scholarship for a goer this year. Are you a Goer? Maybe it is to plan going with a group or planning your own retreat. Are you a Stayer? Fill out an application at apply.quakermeadow.org and come help us serve people this summer.

Springville has been called, "the city above the clouds." When you arrive at Quaker Meadow Christian Camp, the view does become more clear. See for yourself!

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