Quaker Meadow Christian Camp
California Camping near to God


We Kept the Lights on for You!


Summer Bookings are still available, but Quaker Meadow Christian Camp is booking quickly! If you are looking for a place for your next camping experience, Quaker Meadow could be the place for you. We now have June 6-9, July 15-19 and August 12-31 open for reservation. We can also host your next retreat late August through October. Some ideas for your retreat could include a marriage retreat, a family retreat, Father/Son or Mother/Daughter retreats, Men's retreat, Women's retreat, Leadership retreat or even getting your small group from church away from the hustle and bustle. At our Christian camp, there is a stillness from the busyness and a coolness from the heat! We would love to serve you! Let us know if we can help. Contact Brad at brad@quakermeadow.org or Jody at jody@quakermeadow.org. View our facilities and buildings at www.quakermeadow.org. Thanks so much and again, the lights are on for you!

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