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Pray, Pray Pray for God's direction in your life! Ask and see if He would lead you to Quaker Meadow this summer. Apply at apply.quakermeadow.org and view our camp in more detail at www.quakermeadow.org.

Email Brad, the executive director, at brad@quakermeadow.org or me, Jody, camp manager, at jody@quakermeadow.org for any questions you may have! Hope each step you take is God's direction with great results!

Direction and purpose can seem as vast as the universe at times when considering all the opportunities that are before us. A choice or decision in life can lead us in lots of different ways. It could be a new friendship that becomes lifelong, it could be an investment that brings either great reward or great loss, it could be a risk made ends up with a great consequence or an incredible victory!

Become a staff member

John Glenn, who was an astronaut for NASA has said, “We are more fulfilled when we are involved in something bigger than ourselves.” I don't know if, as a teenager, he had set his goal on "space travel" or not, but he did take steps, one at a time, to get there.

Another astronaut, Neil Armstrong had said, as he walked on the moon, "That's one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind." He simply took the next step in his career and it led him to the moon!

Become a staff member

What about the decision of working on staff at Quaker Meadow Christian Camp? It is a step toward being in a good Christian atmosphere. It is a place to serve people. It is a place where the gospel is being made known by Word and action. People's lives are being changed for eternity! By the way, stepping into the heavenly eternity with Jesus is way bigger than stepping on the moon.

Become a staff member

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