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What is to gain in this new year?

In the Father’s Hands

In the Father’s Hands

I read a devotional today based on Romans 9:16, which says, "So it is God who decides to show mercy. We can neither choose it nor work for it [NLT]." What is to gain in this new year? God's mercy! But we cannot have it without God. God will give His mercy to us this year because that is who He is... think about that. We receive His mercy rather than what is deserved... a life of separation from the Father. Without God, we are lost, we are wanderers, we are dead. As we consider His mercy given to us, we quickly become thankful, dependent, and aware that His other attributes shine through... His soveriegnty, His love, His goodness and His faithfulness to name a few. We need to know His mercy to really, really allow His other attributes to shine on us in 2019. Ask for His mercy. Desire His mercy. Mercy is to gain for us and a benefit that can be taken for granted. We are secure in our Father's hands.

Happy New Year!

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