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The Gift of...


Gifts at this time are abounding! Shopping has been busy, parking lots full and people are in rush, rush mode. Wouldn't it be nice to simply pause... rest... take the moments of life in and soak in this thing Jesus said He wanted to give in abundance!

Dictionary.com defines gift this way: "Something given voluntarily without payment in return, as to show favor toward someone, honor an occasion, or make a gesture of assistance."

I think these thoughts go hand in hand when we think about a real gift as it is not hurried, but very thoughtful. It is not something that is just to get it done, but something to be remembered. I am thinking that this brings life!

The Gift of God in Jesus Christ is quite amazing as we take time to soak it in. That is what we did in church this morning. Just soaked in the gift of God. There was prayer; there was worship; there was praise; there was Scripture; There was fellowship... kinda like Acts 2... hmmm.

Back to the basics. Simplicity in receiving is what we are privileged to accept. God was so ever thoughtful is His way of abundantly giving.

Consider allowing the gift of prayer that God has granted us to be our gift now to others... Thoughtful, voluntary, memorable, assisting, and abundant! Do the "Prayer Pass" today. It can be your received gift to someone else. Pass it on!

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