Thanksgiving Greetings!


Family is gathering, food for the Holiday is being discussed and prepared...and anticipated, maybe even drooled upon. We are all very fortunate. Not everyone has as much to be thankful for as do most of us in America. At Quaker Meadow Christian Camp we want to thank everyone for blessing the ministry through your support and to all you who chose Quaker Meadow for your camping ministry and allowing us to serve you.

In 2016, we experienced many blessings at Quaker Meadow Christian Camp. We had growth in the ministry through an increase in the campers attending Quaker Meadow, the number of nights each camper stayed, and the number of groups that chose to call Quaker Meadow home for Summer camp. In addition to growth, we experienced renewal of the camp through the renovation of the Anderson Tri-plex, the improvements to the Zipline, the reconstruction of the dam spillway, the clean up and improvement of the archery range, the clean up of debris at the parking lot, and the rehabilitation of Hilltop Cabin. With regard to renewal of lives, more than 1 in 4 people that attended Quaker Meadow this year made a first-time decision for Christ, recommitted their life to Christ, or responded to a call into the ministry.

None of the exciting things experienced at camp this year would have been possible without our supporters. Your support through prayer, giving and service transformed lives. To God and to all of you, His servants, we are truly grateful. We are also very optimistic about the future and we would love to share that journey with you. Follow us on Facebook, and watch for our new website to see what's happening and to know the needs of Quaker Meadow to know how you may be able to support the ministry.

I leave you with this observation. I am truly amazed at how often I cross paths with people of all ages, races and backgrounds that realize I represent Quaker Meadow Christian Camp, and invariably, they give me what I call "the look". "The look" is a reflective memory of a person reliving an experience(s) from when they were young and attended Quaker Meadow Christian Camp, or worked at camp and they replay memorable life experiences. Meaningful times of change or revelation that helped shape their lives. It's truly amazing how many times I've experienced this in my two years with Quaker Meadow. To downplay it, or minimize it, would be subjecting God to these limitations. It can't, or shouldn't be done. God is too big!

It is with humility and great joy, that we are excited about the future. We wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving. May God richly bless you, and use you to bless others. We look forward to serving you in the future.

Happy Thanksgiving,

Brad Dunlap, Executive Director